Camí de Ronda

Throughout the coastline of the province of Girona runs the Camí de Ronda, a path only accessible on foot. Its origin dates back to the 19th century with the purpose of connecting coastal towns, and later it was used for smuggling control that existed from the sea in the 20th century. Currently, it offers a […]


The Empordà and the Costa Brava offer an endless variety of routes for all tastes. A wide variety of paths for all levels thanks to its mostly flat geography, including paths through fields, paved roads, and unpaved roads with very little traffic. It will allow you to enjoy long days of cycling without worries. The […]


Talking about the region of Empordà and Costa Brava means talking about quality products such as the anchovies from l´Escala or the prawns from Palamós. There are countless restaurants with proposals that will make your mouth water. Traditional and avant-garde dishes that never go out of style, like the arroz de Pals, one of the […]

Ancient Civilizations

The ruins of Empúries are located on the coast, with breathtaking sea views. They were founded in the 6th century BC as a Greek colony and later occupied by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. The ruins include a Roman amphitheater, a forum, a temple, ancient houses, and mosaics, as well as remains of […]

Montgrí, Medes Islands, and Baix Ter Natural Park

An impressive natural park that houses a large amount of flora and fauna, as well as a beautiful rocky coast with cliffs and secret coves of rounded stones, where hiking dilutes the crowds even during vacation season. Framed by the Montgrí mountain, with its characteristic 13th-century castle at the top. The winding Ter River flows […]

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